Photo Camp | JUNE 19-23rd

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Photo Camp | JUNE 19-23rd

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Photography gives our kids a whole new way to see the world. With access to smart phones and tablets, the use of cameras has become much more accessible to our children. Selfies and snapshots are great, but what if they could learn to see the world differently just by composing the scene in front of them?

In just 5 days, I hope to inspire your children to see the world around them through their own unique lens. We will learn perspective, compositional elements and the best light to take portrait. 

At the end of the week the kids will get to print their favorite images for a take home keepsake.

A few activities throughout the week will include photo treasure hunts, new and creative ways to make a selfie, sun prints, a pinhole camera and many more creative ways to help your child fall in love with the art of photography.

When:M-F June 19-23
Where: City Park
Time: 10am to 2pm

What will my child need?
Each camper needs to bring a phone, iPod, or point and shoot digital camera.  Old iPhones work great and they do not need to have a cell phone connection to use the camera portion of the phone.

Campers also need to bring a backpack to carry water and a sack lunch.
Snacks will be provided.

Recommended for age 7 and up.

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